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Protecting, conserving, and restoring the natural resources of the Chester, Ridley, and Crum Creek Watersheds.
The Power of our Volunteers
Hauling tires, digging holes, planting trees, championing events, splashing in creeks to remove debris, weeding around baby trees, capturing fun moments, giving lectures, painting rocks, counting birds….......


We are building our Volunteer Coordination Program to be the catalyst for forming and sustaining partnerships within the three watersheds, bringing together residents, community groups, colleges, corporations and municipalities that have a stake in protecting and preserving the Chester, Ridley, and Crum Creek Watersheds. CRC is creating opportunities to support regional and local efforts that benefit all in the watershed.

Specifically, CRC’s Volunteer Coordination Program has been working to connect the resources of volunteers, corporations and local colleges and universities to the needs of resident stakeholders and government agencies, improving efficiencies and enhancing synergies in both public and private spending on infrastructure and natural resources. We do this by:

  • Building Capacity CRC acts as a central coordinator for many volunteer groups helping to focus volunteerism in the watersheds and provide training and increase volunteer retention throughout the year.

  • Connecting Stakeholders Our volunteer coordinator works to establish and enhance networks of residents, municipalities and institutions within our community such that through our outreach to individuals and corporations, we help to harness the resources needed to support local municipalities for maintaining parks and open space with a specific focus on tree planting and maintenance, and the removal and management of invasive plant species.

  • Sharing Best Practices We bring together networks of people and organizations that engage community members in policy development issues, especially as it relates to regional watershed management, water quality monitoring, and stormwater management. This effort will help to improve efficiencies in the investment of public and private funding into environmental management, planning and infrastructure.

"Yellow Shirts" - The name "Yellow Shirts" refers to the folks wearing these new brightly colored shirts at all CRC events. As CRC ambassadors, they mingle with volunteers that attend CRC events, such as tree plantings and stream cleanups, and provide information in an informal, one-on-one setting about the history of the ‘sheds, science and ecology facts, and an informed narrative regarding the impact of the work that is being done by CRC to improve watershed health. In this way, they answer question, prompt conversation and create a sense of common purpose among the volunteers. It's impossible to miss these "Yellow Shirts". The neon color and enormous "Ask me about CRC" on the back can easily be seen from 100 yards away.

CRC - Water Resources of the Chester, Ridley, and Crum Creeks in Chester and Delaware Counties, PA
CRC's office is located in the historic farmhouse at Willistown Township's Okehocking Preserve
5316 West Chester Pike, Newtown Square, PA 19073